Question: I created one child for print, and another for the web

Question: I created one child for print, and another for the web
Is there a difference? Can you tell the difference?


The child created for the web is a lot shorter and much more active.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

3 ways social media can help your pharmaceutical brand

1) Find and fix weakness – Do patients have trouble with side effects? Is paying for the drug the major issue? Do patients find it hard to access side-effect management programs or drug access programs you have already set up? Are physicians aware of all these programs? Monitor "mentions" on Twitter to hear and help out with these issues. Set up a Google Alert on your company name to find where your client/company/brand has been mentioned nearly anywhere on the web. By using a dedicated social media monitoring tool, you can find tweets, blogs, and forums mentioning the company or brand. Use this information to engage and become part of the solution.

2) Create brand advocates - Listening to the conversation about your brand will give you a chance to comment, not only correcting negative feedback but also adding additional benefits the user may not already know about. This bolsters enthusiasm for the brand. Demonstrating that you bothered to read their comments and care about their opinions helps create brand advocates.

3) Deliver product assistance - Social media monitoring can help you deliver information on your company or brand exactly where –and when – it is needed. Monitoring social media conversations on Twitter or on blogs and forums allows you to help patients and physicians use your drug or contact your representatives. At the same time get a better picture of the needs of the marketplace.

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